Health Access Now

Health Access Now: Empowering Americans with Prescription Savings

Client: Health Access Now (HAN)

Mission: Health Access Now is dedicated to providing transparent alternative funding support options for Americans struggling to pay for their prescriptions. Their primary initiative is offering a free pharmacy discount card to reduce the cost of everyday local prescriptions. Additionally, HAN assists individuals in accessing Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), which are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, and governmental agencies to provide low-cost medications to eligible consumers.

Services Provided by Rainfire Media:

  • Branding: Crafting a unique and recognizable brand identity for HAN.
  • Logo Design: Developing a distinctive logo that embodies HAN’s mission.
  • UI/UX Development: Creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for HAN’s digital platforms.
  • Website Design: Designing a comprehensive and engaging website to facilitate user interaction and information dissemination.
  • Mobile Design: Ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for mobile users.
  • Print Collateral: Producing print materials to support HAN’s outreach and marketing efforts.
  • Custom WordPress WooCommerce Application Development: Developing a robust application to manage and process discount card requests and other services efficiently.

Project Launch Date: May 30, 2024

Ongoing Support:

Rainfire Media continues to provide development and marketing support to HAN. Currently, they are working on establishing over 20 new services in Phase 2, which is under development.

ServicesUI/UX Design Development, WordPress, Ecommerce B2C, Website Development, Mobile App, Digital Design, Marketing

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