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Rainfire Media's core strength lies among its extremely talented and energetic team of designers, programmers, IT specialists, marketing gurus, copywriters, and producers with a broad range of backgrounds and training. Our team of specialists bring decades of experience and demonstrated success in their field. What unites these individuals is a genuine passion for new media and an unyielding desire to effectively apply leading-edge technologies with sound marketing strategies. Our vision is shared - to create media excellence with bottom-line business results.

Rick RomanoPresident | CEO

Rick has over 25 years of marketing media and technology experience. As one of the initial adopters of emerging Internet technologies dating back to the early 90's, Rick is a recognized leader in business operations utilizing Internet technologies and multimedia. The Founding Partner and CEO of AspenMedia, a full-service marketing communications agency established in San Francisco in 1994, Rick has been highly successful working with customers from all disciplines and business models. His past clients include ecommerce retailers, manufacturers, professional service providers, major market radio stations, enterprise web platforms, and consumer brands. Rick has had the fortune of working with international F-500 companies and household names, such as Bank of America, Yahoo!, and GE, and has helped build emerging brands from concept to launch.

Leila RomanoVice President | COO

Leila has a multidisciplinary background in business development and marketing. Early in her career, Leila was the Brand and Product Development Director for an international manufacturer and wholesaler in the personal care market. Leila helped manage the business as COO with Rick for over 20 years, and served as a lead account and project manager providing clients with marketing services from concept development, strategy, planning, and execution. As an accomplished writer and wordsmith, Leila published a women's lifestyle magazine in Orange County, California for several years. Her ability to effectively write business, technical, and creative copy is an invaluable asset to our clients.

Steven AmielStrategic Marketing Director

Steven Amiel brings over 35 years of diverse experience in providing strategic marketing and sales solutions across multiple verticals. His success is rooted in meticulous attention to detail, enabling clients to market and sell with greater insight and agility than their competitors.

Steven's extensive background includes roles as a jingle writer, promoter of over 30 concerts in the New York area, and pioneering digital printing in New York. As an early adopter of digital transformation, he also owned a marketing automation platform. Each decade has introduced new technologies, social implications, and laws, reshaping how marketing is executed and how prospects consume information.

Throughout these changes, Steven has consistently helped his clients navigate and adapt to social and technological inflection points, ensuring their businesses thrive amidst evolving landscapes.

Atindra BiswasCTO

Atindra Biswas, the esteemed CTO at Rainfire Media, combines a passion for revolutionizing e-commerce with a proven track record of driving sales, marketing, and technology success. With his expertise, numerous B2B and B2C e-commerce companies have achieved their goals and experienced remarkable growth. From visualizing designs and analyzing key performance indicators to boosting sales for renowned companies like Chromadex Inc. and managing e-commerce suites for industry leaders such as P&G and Goodyear, Atindra's strategic guidance has left a lasting impact. Combined with Rainfire Media's creative services, businesses benefit from captivating visuals, compelling copy, and personalized experiences that set them apart in the digital landscape. Together, Atindra and Rainfire Media are committed to revolutionizing your e-commerce presence, driving conversion rates, and positioning your business for success.