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I would like to provide all visitors to our website with a brief overview of Rainfire Media and my background in the web design industry. I am Rick Romano, the Founder of Rainfire Media. Our journey began in 1992 in San Francisco, California, a renowned hub for multimedia innovation. Seeking opportunities in Multimedia CD Rom production, I relocated to San Francisco. Despite lacking experience in the industry at that time, I initially couldn’t find the ideal opportunity to pursue my dreams. Instead, I joined Aspen Graphics, a print production service bureau, as a salesman in San Francisco’s advertising district.

In 1993, the Internet took center stage with the release of the Netscape browser. This caught my attention, and I pitched the first website design to KFOG Radio, the leading Contemporary Rock Station in the Bay Area, successfully securing the contract. This breakthrough marked a pivotal moment.

We created the FogNet, the first radio station website to receive multiple awards in the radio industry. Subsequently, we obtained contracts with 10 more radio stations, leading to the birth of AspenMedia in 1994. In 1995, we added Yahoo! to our client roster, and I had the privilege of serving as the lead designer for the Yahoo! logo and business brand identity. Yahoo! then engaged AspenMedia to design and develop the initial website portals for Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Entertainment, and Yahoo! Jobs. During this booming period of the Internet industry in San Francisco, I found myself overseeing a company with a workforce of over 65 individuals, serving 100 clients, and collaborating with pioneering leaders of the Internet industry. We assisted numerous startup companies in building their first websites, including Yahoo!, ZipCityUSA, Excite Networks, and Grocery.com. Although some of these companies are no longer in existence, this experience honed my ability to innovate and think ahead.

The Dot Com bust in 1999 dealt a significant blow to our business. In 2000, I took steps to consolidate the company and bought out my three partners, subsequently relocating AspenMedia’s operations to Irvine in Orange County, California. I identified a new market niche for the business within the thriving real estate industry. We established a new venture, Pacific Vantage Real Estate, and within the first six months, helped them assemble a team of over 300 agents. Serving as the agency of record for Keller Williams in Orange County, with a network of over 3,000 agents, we acquired a print production company to cater to the direct print marketing campaigns of the real estate industry. I successfully managed this organization for another 11 years.

Transitioning to Florida!

In 2010, due to the economic downturn, I made the decision to close AspenMedia. Shortly after, I received an offer to join VitaCost in Boca Raton, Florida as the Vice President of Internet Services. My role involved developing their ecommerce business model across six major categories. After successfully formulating a strategy, overseeing development, and assembling a supporting team, an external opportunity presented itself, leading me to make a move in 2012. This led to the establishment of Rainfire Media as I phased out of VitaCost’s corporate environment, securing a significant contract with a startup in the Golf industry. As we continued to acquire more clients along the way, we have been steadily growing Rainfire Media ever since.

Throughout the years, I have continuously embraced new technologies and crafted innovative solutions to address the challenges in mobile technology and web application development. At Rainfire Media, we presently boast a team of seasoned designers, developers, and marketers who leverage over 25 years of my personal experience and guidance.

Our story extends into 2023, and I eagerly anticipate learning about your business, projects, and goals in relation to digital

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