The Creative comes before Marketing for a reason.

Yes, research and analytics are important – but they shouldn’t drive your creative. We believe that great marketing is led by great creative.  Execution is critical but it is pointless without the creative idea. For Rainfire Media – Creative Marketing is a place where the right brain and left brain work together. It’s our Ying to your Yang.

Creative drives a message, supports the imagery and reinforces the idea. It grabs attention and begs for interaction. It moves the user through emotion to perform some type of action. Be it buying a new car, or just laughing at a memorable slogan or advertisement that builds brand awareness.

Who doesn’t remember the Budweiser commercials with the frog’s or the friends on the phone call “What’s up?…” What was the creative purpose behind those advertisements? Grab your attention, entertain and make a memorable impact so when you walk past the Beer case in the supermarket you make the emotional connection to the brand. I want to be those guys on the phone with my friends messing around.

Those ideas are formulated by creative thinkers, people who use their imaginations to bring ideas to life. Some people have a difficult time organizing their thoughts in interesting and creative ways that evoke emotion and interaction. We are blessed at Rainfire Media to have a handful of extremely creative thinkers. Whether we are portraying your company through a brand, capturing the essence of the business in a visual icon or developing an advertising campaign, creative ideas always come before marketing.

Incredible Creative Applied to Marketing

Now we take that incredible creative and we apply it to all forms of marketing materials. We build our messages supported by the creative idea into brochures, ad slicks, websites, social media campaigns, emails and other forms of media. Then once deployed to the masses we use the analytics to track our creative efforts and see what our results are.

Come dip your bucket into the creative well at Rainfire Media.

Let’s make something creative together!